Back To School Deals. Apple, Ticonderoga Pencils, and more.

Inflation is hurting everyone and I have been on the lookout for the best back to school deals. Here are the best deals I have found.

  1. Apple: Buy a apple laptop or tablet, receive a gift card and education discount, click here for the details. 
  2. Ticonderoga Pencils: Some of the best pencils you can buy. A 18 pack for 55% off. These pencils rarely go on sale. Click 18 Ct Pencils for the discount.
  3. BIC Pencils 24 ct. This 24 ct is the cheapest I have found at $3.94 a pack. Click BIC to buy them today.
  4. 30 Ct pack of Elmers Glue. Glue is a necessary item for back to school season. Buy in bulk now at $12.42 for the box. Makes each glue stick 41 cents. Click Elmers for more details.
  5. 20 ct Ink Joy Pens. These are some of my favorite pens and currently a top deal on Amazon. Click Pens to see the deal.
  6. High Sierra Loop Backpack. This high quality backpack is currently 20% off. Click Backpacks to see the deal.

Want to view more Amazon deals for back to school? Click Supplies deals. What is your favorite back to school item to buy each year? 

*Amazon links are affiliate links and cost you nothing extra. Amazon pays my blog a portion of each sale to help support me. Thank you again for supporting my blog*

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