Thank You Lollypop Farms…


I wasn’t sure if I was going to make a post about this, but if it wasn’t for Lollypop Farm we would of never got our dog back. Long story short, we found a dog on Facebook who was in need of a home as soon as possible. The foster who currently had the dog told people that if this dog couldn’t find anyone, she would be put down. We drove an hour away to see this dog and luckily the foster told us the dog was ours. She gave us a day and time to pick her up…. we were so excited. But, boy we were not prepared for what this person did next. This person dropped the dog off to Lollypop Farm and told them this dog was a stray with no adoptive family lined up. The same day she dropped the dog off, I called Lollypop to confirm the dog was there. I am so glad I trusted my instinct because this is when things got interesting. Lollypop told us because of the way the foster left the dog to them, our dog had to follow stray protocols. After a day and a half talking to Lollypop and proving our side, they decided if the dog goes unclaimed during their stray protocol period, we could have her back. That meant our dog would not be going to the adoption clinic and she was most likely going to be ours again. All we had to do was wait five days and than she would be spayed and get her shots. After a week and a half of waiting, we got the call we could pick her up. The dog is doing great and her name is Caramel. She is outgoing, loves plants, and enjoys digging. If it wasn’t for the director at Lollypop Farms who knows if we ever would have been reunited with Caramel. They also waived all her fees because of what happened. We are so thankful for them and we donated a bunch of dog & cat items to them when we went to go pick Caramel up. We are happy our family has grown by four paws. 

If you would like to donate to Lollypop Farms to help other animals in need, go here:

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