HSLDA Resource

Homeschooling can feel overwhelming when first starting out. Each state has different regulations and everyone homeschools in their own unique way. My favorite resource to use to make sure I am following my local states laws is https://hslda.org. HSLDA can help you figure out when you need to turn your LOI, IHIP, any required subjects, etc for your state. They also have people you can talk to about your specific state and help you with any legal issues your district may possibly give. HSLDA also has a section on kids with IEPs which we have used in the past. HSLDA is free if your child is in preschool and than is a paid membership afterwards. HSLDA does have scholarships for low income families to get a membership for free. To apply contact their customer service. Do you use HSLDA or will you be signing up?

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