Breastfeeding Can Be Hard Even As A LC

I am an LC which means I am a Lactation Counselor. To receive my certification I have had to help many woman and families with their breastfeeding struggles. That doesn’t mean I am perfect. I have been breastfeeding my daughter for 2.5 years and we’ve really struggled with weaning. Weaning during the day was easy and she stopped asking after a few days. Night weaning has taken months. At first she was reducing her night feeds, but started waking up every hour to use me as a human pacifier. Instead of slowly weaning, we’ve resorted to telling her no 100%.  It’s been full of tears and choppy sleep. I am telling you this because even as a professional, we struggle with the same issues you may be having. Breastfeeding should be a joy and not mentally draining. I started feeling touched out because I was always needed and breastfeeding became painful in the past few months. This is why I chose to wean my daughter even though she would of happily stayed night nursing until she was a lot older. I am hoping that this helps you feel less alone. If you have any night weaning tips, comment below. 

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