• My Never Ending TBR…

    I love to read and it’s one of my favorite ways for self care. Books are expensive now days and I can’t afford them brand new. When I am in need of a new book, I turn to Thriftbooks. Thriftbooks is a online used bookstore with discounted books. The books I buy revolve around topics I am interested in and are typically self help or educational books. Three of the books I picked up in a recent thriftbooks haul:

    1. The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell
    2. Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids by Laura Markham
    3. Look Me In The Eye: My Life With Asperger’s by John Elder Robison 

    The Tipping Point is a book about human behavior and how people are influenced. I picked up this book because I have seen a huge increase in certain fields or topics and how they have become popular. 

    Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids is a parenting book about how to create a more peaceful home while kids listen. I try to always pick up a new parenting book and expand my knowledge.

    Look Me In The Eye, I picked up because I have a son who has autism. I like to get other perspectives on other families who also have special needs children since every situation is different. It makes me feel less alone in the sometimes crazy household we run.

    What books have you picked up recently? Do you have any book recommendations? 

  • HSLDA Resource

    Homeschooling can feel overwhelming when first starting out. Each state has different regulations and everyone homeschools in their own unique way. My favorite resource to use to make sure I am following my local states laws is https://hslda.org. HSLDA can help you figure out when you need to turn your LOI, IHIP, any required subjects, etc for your state. They also have people you can talk to about your specific state and help you with any legal issues your district may possibly give. HSLDA also has a section on kids with IEPs which we have used in the past. HSLDA is free if your child is in preschool and than is a paid membership afterwards. HSLDA does have scholarships for low income families to get a membership for free. To apply contact their customer service. Do you use HSLDA or will you be signing up?

  • Shared subjects? Individual Subjects? How I Planned 2022-2023 School Year.

    I have been homeschooling since my oldest was in early preschool which started when he was 2.5 years old because he was in early intervention. He is now 6.5 years old. That’s four years of homeschool under my belt. I have taught preschool multiple times, kindergarten twice, and the start of first grade. 

    This year I will have a first grader, an ‘official’ kindergartner, and two preschoolers. My oldest will be completing his first grade work that he started in Kindergarten. My second son is doing kindergarten review with the start of first grade work. My third son will be completing his second year of preschool and my daughter will be starting preschool. I am going to have my hands full especially while juggling everything else I do. How do I do it? 

    We have shared subjects for my older two and younger two. For shared subjects for my older two we will be completing Bookshark Level A which covers science & history. We will also be combining Gather Round Homeschool: Dinosaurs unit, gym, and health. For health we are doing a human body unit which I created through teachers pay teachers and a few recourse books. We will also be doing a safety unit together since that’s mandated for NYS under homeschool regulations. 

    Separately my oldest will be doing All About Reading Level 1, All About Spelling Level 1, Bookshark 1st Grade LA, The Good and The Beautiful Math 1st Grade, a photography & art class, and music. 

    My second son will be completing Bookshark K language arts, Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons, All About Reading Pre Reader, and The Good and The Beautiful Math level K separately. We try to keep kindergarten as light as possible. 

    For my preschoolers, my younger two will be working through Masterbooks preschool and lots of play. We really believe play is the foundation of a great preschool year. See my post about why play is important by clicking here. They will also be joining our dinosaur unit since my children love dinosaurs. 

    We will be adding to our school year once I know where we stand in January of next year. I plan on adding Bookshark level B once we complete level A and a few extra Gather Round units. The reason I did not add it to my IHIP this year is because I did not want to stress myself out since we have many changes coming in the near future. I am so excited to start the new school year and love seeing all the supplies come in. What is on your IHIP this year? Do you have shared subjects? 

  • Thriftbooks Coupon

    Thriftbooks is having an amazing deal for teachers and homeschooling families right now. Become a verified educator and get a fifth book free when you buy four. This also stacks with their other rewards. To learn more about this program click here. I highly recommend signing up and taking advantage while completing your back to school shopping. I have a thriftbook haul coming and cannot wait to share it with you in a few weeks.

  • August Poll

  • Bookshark Brand New FREE unit.

    Bookshark has released a brand new mini unit available now. Learn all about chimpanzees and how scientists observe animals. The unit is designed for 6-12 year olds and perfect for a science unit. The Jane Goddall unit is FREE and can be purchased here. The only book you need with the unit is “The Story of Jane Goodall,” which can be purchased at Booksharks website or at another store that sells books. Will you be adding this unit to your 2022-2023 school year? 

  • Thank You Lollypop Farms…


    I wasn’t sure if I was going to make a post about this, but if it wasn’t for Lollypop Farm we would of never got our dog back. Long story short, we found a dog on Facebook who was in need of a home as soon as possible. The foster who currently had the dog told people that if this dog couldn’t find anyone, she would be put down. We drove an hour away to see this dog and luckily the foster told us the dog was ours. She gave us a day and time to pick her up…. we were so excited. But, boy we were not prepared for what this person did next. This person dropped the dog off to Lollypop Farm and told them this dog was a stray with no adoptive family lined up. The same day she dropped the dog off, I called Lollypop to confirm the dog was there. I am so glad I trusted my instinct because this is when things got interesting. Lollypop told us because of the way the foster left the dog to them, our dog had to follow stray protocols. After a day and a half talking to Lollypop and proving our side, they decided if the dog goes unclaimed during their stray protocol period, we could have her back. That meant our dog would not be going to the adoption clinic and she was most likely going to be ours again. All we had to do was wait five days and than she would be spayed and get her shots. After a week and a half of waiting, we got the call we could pick her up. The dog is doing great and her name is Caramel. She is outgoing, loves plants, and enjoys digging. If it wasn’t for the director at Lollypop Farms who knows if we ever would have been reunited with Caramel. They also waived all her fees because of what happened. We are so thankful for them and we donated a bunch of dog & cat items to them when we went to go pick Caramel up. We are happy our family has grown by four paws. 

    If you would like to donate to Lollypop Farms to help other animals in need, go here: https://www.lollypop.org

  • Homeschooling On A Budget Review

    The review many people have been waiting for, how do you save money while homeschooling? I know so many families who want to homeschool, but they’re worried about finances. Jessica Marie Baumgartner wrote a book called ‘Homeschooling On A Budget.’ The book releases this week and can be found here. Thank you so much for letting me review this book for my blog. This book is a quick read and a perfect way to end the summer. She starts out by introducing herself and compares and contrasts public school vs homeschool. As you move further into the book, she shares recourses on how to minimize the cost of homeschooling by either the internet and library. My favorite chapters were about homeschool groups and conventions. It’s been years since I’ve been to a homeschool convention thanks to COVID-19 and she has inspired me to go to one next year. She also touches on other subjects like the workforce when homeschoolers are adults and charity work. I’ve rarely seen homeschool books touch on these subjects and it’s a great change. I highly recommend adding this book to your library before you start the school year. She has a resource page at the back of the book on where she gets her information and you will be able to “rabbit hole” down further. Will you be picking up this book? Do you want me to do a review on each chapter? 

    Jessica Baumgartner

    *The Amazon link is an affiliate link and costs you nothing extra. Clicking the link and purchasing helps support my blog. Thank you for supporting Homeschooling On A Homestead*

  • FREE Math & Language Arts Curriculum

    The Good and The Beautiful is an amazing company where they believe in quality work and offer it for free! Right now they have K-6 math available and K-8 Language Arts available at zero cost. Download the PDFs and either do it on a tablet or print it out. This is a great way to try The Good and The Beautiful without breaking the bank.

    Math: https://www.goodandbeautiful.com/free-homeschool-math-curriculum/

    Language Arts: https://www.goodandbeautiful.com/free-homeschool-language-arts/

    Are you going to try either subject? 

  • Back To School Deals. Apple, Ticonderoga Pencils, and more.

    Inflation is hurting everyone and I have been on the lookout for the best back to school deals. Here are the best deals I have found.

    1. Apple: Buy a apple laptop or tablet, receive a gift card and education discount, click here for the details. 
    2. Ticonderoga Pencils: Some of the best pencils you can buy. A 18 pack for 55% off. These pencils rarely go on sale. Click 18 Ct Pencils for the discount.
    3. BIC Pencils 24 ct. This 24 ct is the cheapest I have found at $3.94 a pack. Click BIC to buy them today.
    4. 30 Ct pack of Elmers Glue. Glue is a necessary item for back to school season. Buy in bulk now at $12.42 for the box. Makes each glue stick 41 cents. Click Elmers for more details.
    5. 20 ct Ink Joy Pens. These are some of my favorite pens and currently a top deal on Amazon. Click Pens to see the deal.
    6. High Sierra Loop Backpack. This high quality backpack is currently 20% off. Click Backpacks to see the deal.

    Want to view more Amazon deals for back to school? Click Supplies deals. What is your favorite back to school item to buy each year? 

    *Amazon links are affiliate links and cost you nothing extra. Amazon pays my blog a portion of each sale to help support me. Thank you again for supporting my blog*